OceanPact Group has a well-equipped fleet of Offshore Support Vessels, including PSVs, OSRVs, AHTSs, and costal support vessels. Our vesses are equipped for the protection of coastal and marine activities and environmental monitoring, as well as for the containment and collection of oil spills at sea and emergency response. We design, develop and adapt vessels to overcome the challenges of our customers, always based on innovation and technology tailored to optimize resources and process efficiency.

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Our preparedness services can be dedicated – situations where we set up a service center in the contractor’s premises – or on a shared basis – where we are triggered in response of an environmental emergency, operating from OceanPact Group bases.

Emergency Response

OceanPact Group offers a complete structure of operational bases, equipment and vessels ready to act on rapid and effective responses in emergency situations.
• Operation of emergency response centers
• Emergency preparedness, in dedicated or shared basis, and response
• Oil spill response and cleaning services for incidents at levels 1, 2 and 3
• Preventive booms
• Repair and maintenance of oil recovery equipment
• Emergency response, management and cleaning

Waste management

Through bases distributed along the Brazilian coast, we offer solutions for waste management via own structure or strategic partnerships. We operate in all phases of the process, including the collection, transport and final destination of the waste.
Our computerized system with web access, enables monitoring stage by stage, and provides the necessary documentation.

Consulting and Training

OceanPact and Witt l O’Brien’s Brasil have a full training program and expertise on issues such as command and control, organizational leadership, compliance and functional needs. We have a qualified team in standards and mitigation and recovery incidents, with expertise in risk reduction and emergency management.Our extensive experience in real situations of crisis and emergency response and management were the basis for the preparation of exercises and drills that meet and exceed international standards. We specialize in the integration of resources between private and government initiative.

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Marine Survey

OceanPact Group carries out marine survey and research in coastal and offshore areas, developed based on experience and knowledge from OceanPact Geociências. With over forty years of experience around the world, OceanPact Geociências performs complex data gathering projects at sea, with emphasis on marine environment, geology, geophysics, geochemistry, oceanography and geotechnics.
The company has participated in major global offshore development projects, supporting various industries such as oil and gas, ports and terminals, renewable energy and telecommunications, as well as large government projects.