OceanPact Geociências


Provides geophysical services, hydrographic, environmental, oceanographic and geotechnical survey, combining OceanPact’s implementation capacity and local experience with OceanPact Geociências’ offshore survey expertise.

• Site Surveys / Route Surveys
• Exploration seismic surveys (2D)
• Oceanographic surveys
• Geological risk assessment
• Environmental monitoring – water harvesting, sediment, inspection with drop camera, Observation Class ROV
• Geotechnical surveys (CPT, Piston corer, Vibrocorer)
• Geotechnical survey borings
• Mammals, birds and turtles observation

Oceanography and environmental monitoring

• Wildlife observation
• Marine biota monitoring
• Passive acoustic monitoring
• Metoceanographic data
• Environmental sample collection

Marine geotechnical

• Cores (Box Corer, Piston corer)
• Vibrocorer
• Tests with CPT
• Geotechnical Survey (Downhole)
• Laboratory analyses

Geophysical and hydrographic surveys

• Multibeam bathymetry
• Marine geophysics
• Site survey
• Monochannel seismic
• Multichannel seismic of high-resolution 2D and 3D
• 2D seismic exploration
• Evaluation and interpretation of geological hazards
• Seismic data processing