Oceanpact Group

Global Expertise

• OceanPact – Brazilian Shipping Company dedicated to consultancy, management and operation of Oil Spill response in coastal and offshore environments. Founded in 2007, OceanPact has become the largest and most comprehensive oil spill company in Latin America.

• Witt | O’Brien’s Brazil – Joint Venture with North American Witt | O’Brien’s, a worldwide leader in Emergency Response.

OceanPact Geociências – One of the main references in Marine Survey in the world.

• Partnerships with companies and academic and research institutions in different countries.

• Participation in technical associations in Brazil and the United States.


Quality, Health, Safety and Environment.

Our commitment to quality is attested by certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISM Code. In our IMS (Integrated Management System) policy we make the following commitments:

• Adopt appropriate practices for emergency response and management, preserving the offshore and coastal environment;

• Consolidate global strategic partnerships with suppliers and complementary companies, generating mutual satisfaction and benefits;

• Satisfy our customers, shareholders, employees and partners ensuring that they know and explore the coast, oceans and their wealth with sustainability;

• Promote the continuous improvement of our processes, products and services, meeting legal and regulatory requirements;

• Prevent hazards, promoting health, quality of life and safety of our employees, customers, partners and others affected by our activities.

Risk management

OceanPact is a company committed to the safety of its operations. We recognize the ongoing need to identify, understand, mitigate and communicate our operational risks to all our employees and stakeholders. Since 2015 the company has been investing in a continuous risk management program that covers all our internal activities and processes. By the end of 2016, more than 34 risk identification and classification workshops were carried out, involving upper and middle management and vessel crew. We believe that the participation of multidisciplinary teams and different management levels of the company is fundamental, serving also to develop operator’s risk perception and to disseminate a culture of security at different levels and, consequently, providing continuous improvement of our risk management processes.

We carry out this work by applying risk analysis and management methodologies appropriate to our risk level and the complexity of our operations (HAZID and Bow tie) and with the involvement and support of external risk specialists. In 2017, we implemented a Risk Management Committee. The objective of the committee has been to monitor the implementation of risk prevention and mitigation measures by the different departments, in addition to updating and communicating the defined risk indicators (KPIs) for the year

Anticorruption Policy

The OceanPact Group has honesty and transparency in its DNA. Integrity is the basis of our corporate policy that guides our attitudes, services and relationships, including basing the selection of our business partners. We operate strictly within the Brazilian legislation and defend the anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws through continuous monitoring. To identify and suppress any attempt of an illegal act, OceanPact has a direct line between employees and the Board of Directors. Thus, any complaints are reported quickly and confidentially, under institutional support.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to satisfy our customers ensuring that they know and explore the coast and oceans in a sustainable manner. We are guided by the purpose of reducing the environmental impact from generation of wealth, providing cutting-edge services that minimize risk and manage emergencies in a efficient and definitive manner. OceanPact builds positive relationships with the communities where we operate – we are a socially responsible company that is concerned with good results as well as the way in which they are achieved.

Corporate Culture

Promote knowledge and encourage the development of our employees, adopting practices that ensure the respectful treatment of staff and promote the physical, mental and moral integrity in the workplace.

Minimize the impact of company operations with sustainable measures such as energy efficiency, waste reduction and recycling of materials.



OceanPact was founded in 2007 as an offshore emergency response and management company and soon became the leader in oil spill response and management in Brazil. Currently, we are one of the largest Brazilian Shipping Companies.

We own and develop innovative technologies for vessels, equipment, software, methodologies and training needed for emergency response management. We also carry out data collection at sea as well as consulting, planning and development of solutions for the protection of the marine environment. We are recognized for the quality of our team, the creative solutions and commitment to the challenges of our customers.

In 2011, our team’s expertise was amplified by our association with Witt l O’Brien’s, global leader crisis and emergency response management.

Witt O’brien’s


The association between OceanPact and Witt l O’Brien’s, global leader in crisis and emergency response management, guarantees OceanPact customers the best practices in emergency preparedness, response and management from the proven expertise of both companies.

HSE Technical Studies and Risk Management
• Operational risks / HSE management systems
• Risk analysis studies / Risk management plan
• Occupational health and safety
• HSE audits and legal compliance

Emergency Preparedness and Response Management
• Studies, plans and consulting
• Emergency management
• Protection plans and shoreline cleanup
• Monitoring, management and wildlife rehabilitation
• Training

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OceanPact Geociências


Provides geophysical services, hydrographic, environmental, oceanographic and geotechnical survey, combining OceanPact’s implementation capacity and local experience with OceanPact Geociências’ offshore survey expertise.

• Site Surveys / Route Surveys
• Exploration seismic surveys (2D)
• Oceanographic surveys
• Geological risk assessment
• Environmental monitoring – water harvesting, sediment, inspection with drop camera, Observation Class ROV
• Geotechnical surveys (CPT, Piston corer, Vibrocorer)
• Geotechnical survey borings
• Mammals, birds and turtles observation

Oceanography and environmental monitoring

• Wildlife observation
• Marine biota monitoring
• Passive acoustic monitoring
• Metoceanographic data
• Environmental sample collection

Marine geotechnical

• Cores (Box Corer, Piston corer)
• Vibrocorer
• Tests with CPT
• Geotechnical Survey (Downhole)
• Laboratory analyses

Geophysical and hydrographic surveys

• Multibeam bathymetry
• Marine geophysics
• Site survey
• Monochannel seismic
• Multichannel seismic of high-resolution 2D and 3D
• 2D seismic exploration
• Evaluation and interpretation of geological hazards
• Seismic data processing

Our History

Since its foundation in 2007, OceanPact has had significant participation in the environmental protection market, with presence highlighted in response to emergency operations in Brazilian and international waters.
In 2010, during the Macondo oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (USA), the largest environmental disaster in history, OceanPact was the only Brazilian company present in the command center led by Witt l O’Brien’s. In Brazil, we participated in combating oil spills in Guanabara Bay in 2000, in the Paranaguá Bay in 2004, and in the Frade field in Campos Basin in 2011. We also participated in the environmental emergency that occurred in Vila do Conde, in Pará, in 2015. In the same year, we helped to reduce the impact from the Samarco dam rupture, which reached Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo, and minimized the damage caused by the rupture of the pipeline of Santa Barbara, California (USA).

Today we are a complete offshore support services company, with innovative technological solutions and a skilled and proactive staff. We have diversified our service offering and expanded our operations to meet all sectors that require data, knowledge and experience offshore. And still we provide preparedness and response to emergency services for major Brazilian and global oil companies.